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Air Trikes plane

This is the sky of Koktebel, one of the most famous places for all Russian aviators. About 80 years ago the First Russian Glider School was opened there. A lot of famous Russian pilots, aircraft and spaceship designers began their aviation careers there with glider flying. It is a very magical place. There is an ultralight school there today. I am proud that I started to fly there too.
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Welcome to my web site. My name is Vassili Tarakanov and I am an Aircraft Design engineer from Russia, who now calls Canada his home. I tried to make it interesting and useful. A lot of people know excellent Russian airplanes and helicopters such as Sukhoy, Mikojan, Tupolev, Iliushin, Kamov, Russian space missiles and stations. Some people already know about ultralight products from Aeros, Aeroprakt and Antares. It is about time that North America knows more about some other ultralight trikes and components produced in the former USSR territory. You have an opportunity to enjoy them not only by watching but by ordering and flying them as well !