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Parts from Europe and America for UL and LSA aircraft.

MicroAvionics – Intercoms, radio systems, strobes for light aircraft.

Air Trikes is a distributop for MicroAvionics UK. We sell their high quality intercom systems for open and closed cockpit aircraft (trikes, gyros airplanes, PPC, PPG, helicopters etc.), headsets, helmets, radio systems, antennas, strobes. Micro Arionics products are compatible with many other brands (Lynx Avionics, Flycom, MT Autogyro…). They are often higher quality but more reasonable priced.

There are 2 types of headsets - Passive Noise Reduction (100) and Active Noise Reduction + VOX (200). ANR technology reduces the noise by 6dB, which is twice as quiet compared to non ANR. VOX is a system where the microphone is switched off when you are not speaking. The VOX level is user adjusted. There are also 2 types of helmets - separate from headset (Lynx type) and integrated with headset (Flycom type) with visors. Radio interface can be powered by headset batteries or connected to 12V aircraft power supply. It allows to install 1-2 radio transmitters, cellphone, MP3 player, audio recorder etc. They can be connected through wires or Bluetooth adapter (wireless). All kind of adapters. They also make antennas and strobes.

Micro Avionics products are less expensive than other British brands with the same or higher quality, that is why they are popular in Europe and around the world. For example pilots of British Microlight team (World Air Games winners, fly the fastest QuickR trikes) use Micro Avionics equipment. Video is here. Now you can buy this product in North America.

Product description and pricelist is here.

BRS parachutes.

Being BRS dealer, Air Trikes install and sell BRS systems for their trikes about 10% cheaper than you can buy them directly from BRS. We also can supply all new models of BRS chutes for Canadian and American customers. Ask with E-mail if you need exact quotes with delivery to your place.

Lynx Avionics

Lynx system is proven as the best intercom system for open cockpit airctaft included trikes. Air Trikes recommends Lynx for our customes. We supply Lynx headsets, helmets and other elements with our trikes and separately. Ask with E-mail if you need to precise the configuration of your system or exact quotes with delivery to your place.

Floats and skis.

We can supply composite (carbon + fiberglass) floats and skis for your trike or airplane.

Fairings, instrument pods, wheel pants, fenders.

We have different fiberglass parts available for your orders - nose fairings; Manta, DTA and Airborne style dashboards, different wheel fairings (low profile and finned) for different wheels.

Wheels and wheel rims, hydraulic brake systems, shock absorbers...

We can supply different wheels, brake and suspension elements for your trike or airplane.

Trike cushion seats and seat webbings, trike covers.

Available for our trikes and separately.


For additional information and order E-mail:, Use both addresses. Even if there are temporary problems with one, we will get your E-mail anyway.
Address: Air Trikes Enterprises
2241 Place de Belvedere
St. Lazare Quebec J7T2B1 Canada
Phone: (450) 202-7772