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Being an aviation engineer and professional light aircraft designer, I use and compare different propeller brands from 1987 year. I used composite, wooden, plastic and metal; constant pitch, ground and in-flight adjustable; constant and variable RPM propellers not only for aircrafts but also for hovercrafts, airboats etc. Working in Europe and Nort America, I think I tried all propeller brands.
Many amateur builders and pilots underestimate the importance of the propeller for their crafts. If they are not happy with their aircraft performances, noise or vibration, they think about changing the engine for more powerful one, redesigning the motormount, muffler etc. But the problem can be fixed much easier very often. I always advise to start thinking "from the prop". Is it well matched to your engine and craft? Is it in a good shape, well balanced? Is it a good, efficient brand?

My experience - a good correctly chosen and installed prop can fix such problems in most cases. To change the prop is much easier, faster and cheaper than changing the engine, but the effect can be the same or even better.
I don't use anything but KOOLprop now. My opinion - this is just the best propeller for most prop driven crafts regarding its quality, efficiency and price. Most of my clients using KOOL have the same feeling. If you want more thrust, shorter takeoff, higher cruise speed, lower gas consumption; if you are tired of the noise and vibration - order new KOOLprop. You will see the difference!

General information

KOOLprop is designed and made for different airscrew driven vehicles: Ultralight and Light Sport airplanes, trikes, airboats, hovercrafts, autogyros, power parachutes, paragliders etc. All blade models are designed using computer technologies, then tested in a wind tunnel and in flight + passed special destructive tests. There are 20 different prop blade models for different applications, right and left hand rotation, pusper and tractor, straight and scimitar shape, from 47 to 73 diameter. You can use them with a lot of engines from small Simonini PPG 18HP to powerful Rotax 914 and Subaru-Suzuki-Honda autoconversions up to 180HP. Special reinforced blades can be ordered.
Finish is excellent black gelcoat, with white tips. Black blades are preferable for tractor planes - better visibility through the prop. The white tips make the running prop ends more visible to increase safety. White blades are available as a special order.
Variable pitch prop hub was designed and tested in 2012, now in production.

I can compare KOOLprop with Kievprop I was flying and selling before. Koolprop has exactly the same hub design, CNC machined from aviation aluninum allow and anodised. You can use your old Kievprop hub and spinner with Kool blades. There are some points making Kool preferable for me. They are both hand-made with highest accuracy but KOOL prop is made with carbon fibre + fiberglass composite instead of only fiberglass-made Kievprop. Koolprop blade is much more rigid, it helps reducing idle wobbling and slipstream interference vibrations. KOOLprop finish is epoxy gelcoat, not paint like Kiev, so KOOL surface is harder and smoother, more difficult to scratch. As Kiev, Kool has integrated strong leading edge protection, but it is made with stainless steel, not copper. It looks more beautiful (always shiny) and it is stronger than Kiev LE. This thick metal LE makes KOOL preferable for Anphib and Float planes as well as STOL and Bush planes flying from unprepared runways - ideal protection against water splashes, tall grass, dirt, tiny rocks etc.

We sell and use KOOLprops for all trikes and powerplants made by Air Trike Enterprises from 2006. All KOOLprop users mentioned that KOOL is more smooth, silent, and provided better performances than their previous propellers. To see more pictures and read some feedbacks from pilots using KOOL props CLICK HERE.
Spare blades are available. If my customer brakes one, two or all blades, he sends me the type and serial # of the blade printed on its root, and Air Trikes supplies spare blades already balanced and matched to his blades. Spare blade orders are always highest priority!

There are 2 types of Kool blades - classical (straight) and scimitar. Which type is better? No simple answer...
Straight, classical-style blade is able to produce more static thrust with the same diameter. It can be important, if you are restricted in diameter, for example in case of PPC, PPG, airboat. Can be more efficient for low speed crafts, low prop RPM; preferable for planes with low prop-ground clearance flying from unprepared fields.
Scimitar-style modern blades are usually more efficient for higher speed aircraft, high RPM powerplants. If you need maximal cruise efficiency, minimal level of noise and vibration - this is your prop. But these blades are more complicated in production so a scimitar set of blades is about 100$ more expensive.

KOOLprop 73

 Koolprop specifications.

- Diameter 47"-73"
- Maximum blade width 5.8"
- Maximum speed of rotation 3000 rpm
- Power of engine 18-180HP
- Range of operation temperatures +55 -20C*
- Stainless steel solod integrated LE protection.
- Hub type "Rotax" 582/912 75mm
- Available in left and right hand rotation, for pushers and tractors.

ATTENTION! This propeller is not recommended for direct drive engines without torsional dampers (Lycoming, Continental etc.)

Koolprop standard set included 3 blades, hub, all hardware, pitch protractor and soft blade covers. 2, 4 and 5 blade props are available too.
Design description + assembling and installation instruction for this prop is HERE.

Pictures of small (47"-49") propellers for light engines PPG, soaring trikes, motogliders are here:
3-blade hubless can be 2-4-6 blade as well, and 3-blade ground adjustable can be 2 blade as well

Order information

Koolprop has highest quality and very reasonably priced. We are always ready to help you with the best propeller choice. If you need a prop - call us or better send E-mail with the following info: engine type, HP, max power RPM, reduction ratio, max possible prop diameter, rotation direction*, type of your aircraft, cruise speed. We usually have most propeller models in stock and can send the same or next day after your payment.
*Right-hand propellers rotate clockwise to provide forward thrust. Left-hand propellers rotate counter-clockwise to provide forward thrust.

For spare blade order, send us the numbers on the blade root - blade model and serial number

Kool can be ordered with white or black carbon-fiberglass 8diam 9 length spinner (strongly recommended for tractor applications) and different hub spacers. 4" (big) diam Rotax 912-914 shape hub can be ordered with reinforced KOOL blades.